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When importing data to Silverbucket it is vital to keep the structure identical to the example datasheet to ensure a flawless import:

- First row contains the names of the headers - it is not necessary to edit the first row.
- Second row in your file is where your data starts to get imported
- Columns need to be in the same exact order as in the examples
- Rows after the default structure's last column are never read / handled when importing
- Never have hidden columns in your data sheets

What data is this integration used for

- Organization nodes

After import you can find the integrated data in the admin view's Organizations tab. Organization is metadata for people and projects in Silverbucket.

Integration's data fields

col. A
Code for the organization
Name of the organization
ParentOrganization's Code

The example file in the screenshot will integrate / create the following:

Example data

1) An organization with a code of "FIN" named "Finland"
2) An organization with a code of "HEL-1", named "Helsinki 1" under the parent organization "FIN"
3) An organization with a code of "TAM-1", named "Tampere 1" under the parent organization "FIN"

Rules & basic principles of this integration

If the data structure was correct, you can see the outcome in Silverbucket right after the upload. Navigate to the admin-view and its 'Organizations' tab, for example:


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