Resourcing with 'Grid View'

Silverbucket allows you to resource in two ways:

- Quick Editing - a rapid way to resource personnel for a project.
- The Grid View - allows you to dive a little deeper into the resourcing.

The Grid View contains multiple useful tools for advanced resourcing.

Resourcing Situation (2) - Resourcing Log (3) - Resourcing Numbers (4) - Grid Scale & Save Changes / Move Overflow (5)

Resourcing Situation (2)
Resourcing log
Resourcing Numbers
Grid Scale & Save Changes / Move Overflow

Resourcing Situation (2)

The colors indicate resourcing for different projects

Light blue area (A) = Resourcing made for this project
Red area (B) = Resourcing made for other projects. Also known as burn-down.
Dark blue area (C) = Your selected resourcing slots.
Blue & Red area combined (D) = Resourcing situation overlapping between multiple projects
The red line (E) indicates the actual hours registered for the project by the person

Overall allocations above the grid view (black rounded square)
= total resourcing for this project
Overall allocations below (teal rounded square)
= total resourcing for all projects for the person

Resourcing Log (3)

You can add a free note regarding the changes made in the grid view. Detailed information in this article.

Resourcing Numbers

Resourcing Numbers -card opens as the grid icon is clicked. This view calculates basic numbers:
Simple calculations and data regarding the hours spent and to be spent for the project

Realized hours = actual hours registered for the project by the person
Future allocations = allocations created for the future
Total hour forecast = visualized bar of the "Budget - Total hours" calculation

Budget can be adjusted by hovering over the role, clicking on the appearing pen icon and adjusting the value in "Hour Budget".
Project role's editing view, located under the pen icon which appears when hovered over

Grid Scale & Save Changes / Move Overflow

Clicking the 'Grid Scale' you get a drop down list that allows you to adjust the Y-axis to suit your needs.

In this test environment we have 4 different grid view options in hour mode

Clicking 'Save Changes' saves the resourcing made in the grid (highlighted as dark blue area).
Next to the 'Save Changes' we have a chevron icon that offers two specialized tools for resourcing:

Move overflow to project member & Move overflow to resource

Both of these work in a similar manner with one slight difference: 'Move overflow to project member' allows you to choose from the members already added to a project, whereas 'Move overflow  to resource' allows you to add brand a new role to the project.
Clicking the chevron offers two advanced functionalities

Overflow in the grid view means all the areas, that have blue and red color on top of each other - so basically every time slot, that has over-resourcing situation between this project and other projects. In our test scenario below, we have only one week that is over-resourced; week #51:

The arrow points at the area which indicates an over-resourcing situation

To use the overflow functionalities, we need to identify which time slots we want to move overflow from; in this scenario, only week #51. Identifying is done by highlighting any grid slot from the corresponding time slot; clicking the slot under the red line is common practice here.

By clicking just one of the slots we identify that overflow should be fixed only from week #51

After we have chosen the week we wish the move overflow from, the 'Save Changes' button activates. As we navigate our way to the chevron next to it and choose either of the overflow options, we get to decide how the overflow should be handled.

In this scenario we wish to move the overflowing hours to the unassigned project role called 'Project Member'. As we have already added this role to the project (found top of the screenshots) we should choose the option "Move overflow to project member".

When choosing 'Move overflow to project member' the data is identical (blue rounded squares)

As we choose the option "Project member - [1234] Internal Growth" (highlighted in orange) we can immediately see the resourcing situation even out for the project.

We have successfully addressed the over-resourcing situation

Only saved overflow hours can be moved from one resource to another.
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