Project's Basic Information

The basic information -section has multiple metadata fields regarding the project. Any of the fields can be edited by clicking the corresponding fields - if you have the required rights for this.

Make sure the 'Basic Information' is toggled on under "Select visible areas"

Basic Information

Customer = name of the project's customer
Program = if the project is part of a bigger concept - a program - it will be shown here
Project manager = name of the project's manager/leader
Organization = which organization is responsible for the project
Project schedule = the starting date and ending date for the project
Category = if the project is part of a category, it will be shown here
Portfolios = if the project is part of a portfolio, it will be shown here
Projecttags = if the project is tagged with a certain projecttag, it will be shown here. Project tags can be used to identify special types of projects, and allow you to highlight corresponding allocation boxes.

Category, Portfolios and Project tags can be used to categorize projects in Silverbucket.


Financial values are used in various Project Numbers & Reports equations.

Own income budget = a manually set amount of currency for own personnel
External income budget = a manually set amount of external currency for the project
Other income budget = a manually set amount of other income currency for the project
Own hour budget = an estimate of hours needed for the project
External hours budget = an estimate of external personnel's hours for the project
Currency = EUR,USD,SEK.. more currencies can be requested from
Project type = Select your desired project type: Invoicable / Non invoicable / Absence.
Invoicing type = Select your desired invoicing type: Time & Material / Fixed / Price Ceiling
This will affect how certain calculations are performed for example in Progress Numbers.


Manual degree of readiness = a manually set value about how complete the project is
Degree of readiness = An automatically calculated percentage value on how completed the project is. Follows the equation: actual hours / (own hour budget + external hour budget)
Priority = a manually set value how important the project is for your company
Extra code = a custom identifier for projects, used mostly by integrations
Project status = a manually set value between 0% (Archived) - 100% (Production) reflecting the chances of the project happening. Can also be edited by clicking next to the percentage value next to the project's header.
Description = a free text field for details about the project

To toggle a project as a "Favourite" project you can click on the little star icon next to it. When the star icon is filled with gray color the project is marked as favourite. This can be used to filter projects in various views.

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