Personal Configurations

Every user has their own personal configurations which are located behind the cogwheel icon in the main navigation bar.

The most suitable configuration for you is usually found by experimenting; the default settings are an overall good choice for most users.
Cogwheel icon in the main navigation bar

Personal Configuration consists of Event Settings and User Interface Settings

Event settings 

Silverbucket has different events that can trigger an alert for the user. These alerts are configured in the Event settings view:

"I was added to a project"
triggers when someone else adds you to a project in the system

"My allocations were changed"
triggers when someone else adjusts your resourcing plan for any project. Works for both confirmed & tentative allocations.

"Allocations were changed for a project I'm manager of"
triggers when someone else adjusts the resourcing plan for a project that you are the project manager of

"My request was handled"
triggers when a resourcing request about you has been accepted/rejected

"I have a new request as an acceptor to be handled"
triggers when you have been set as an acceptor for a resourcing request

User's event settings found under the cogwheel icon

By default only alerts are active in an environment.

Notifications appear in the bottom-right corner

User interface settings 

Every user can modify their own user interface in Silverbucket to a certain extent. The visual changes mostly consist of the amount of data to be shown in the interface (amount of resourcing slots & resources, tight layout).

Scale allocations with probability = project's probability value is used as a multiplier for the resourcing values. Allocations and graphs are scaled accordingly (this includes the grid view's burn-down chart also). Once toggled a disclaimer is also added to the bottom of the UI.

For example: a 100% project's allocations are scaled with a multiplier of 1 whereas a 40% project's allocations are scaled with a multiplier of 0,4 etc.

Tight layout = compresses the layout a little bit; Silverbucket Support recommends!

(Always show the allocation grid on project dashboard = unnecessary after the year 2020 and will be removed soon.)

Amount of resourcing slots = decide how many slots you wish to see in the main views.
Amount of resources = decide how many resources you wish to see in the main views.
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