In-Depth: Getting an Overview / Utilization Rate of a Specific Target

Before you proceed make sure you have added the necessary basic information regarding user groups, locations, supervisors etc for your people. More info in the attachment below:

organize-info.pdf 67.75 KB

Utilization Rates for a Specific Group of People

Use the desired metadata as filter in the People > Allocations view, for example:

- Organization node
- User group
- Role
- Location
- etc etc

Filters can be combined for more precise results.

Projects from a Specific Project Manager's Point of View

You can also filter projects based on project managers in the Projects > Allocations view: simply insert the desired project leader into the Select a project manager field and click Update report.

Right here we are filtering to see only the projects that have their project manager set as 'Help & Manual User'

Like any other filter this filter can be combined with any other filters found in the view.
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