Filtering Persons with Certain Competencies

In the People > Listing and People > Allocations views you can filter people according to your competency needs. Filtering is offered in basic mode and advanced mode.

Basic competency filters

You can filter people with certain competencies by choosing the desired competencies from the competency tag cloud. Tag cloud can be filtered using Free text filtering which narrows down the results in the cloud.

After selecting the competencies you can also choose the condition filter; either filter for personnel with some of the competencies you have chosen or go for a more strict approach with the 'Users with all of the competencies' option.

Filters apply as you click Update report

Advanced competency filters

By clicking the Open advanced mode you get more choices for the filtering. This function works the same way as the unassigned role competency management. For more information see the Adding competencies to unassigned role.

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