Employment Types

To make the most out of Silverbucket it is useful to understand the concept of different employment types in Silverbucket. Employment types allow you to register important attributes for resources which can be beneficial in the future for graphs, numbers and statistics in Silverbucket.

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The resources considered as the organization's own personnel whose capacity and workloads are managed with Silverbucket.


Stealth person is like a spectator in the system. Stealth attribute does not affect any rights the person currently has but setting someone as a stealth removes that person from all the visible lists in the system. The stealth option is handy when someone wants to be able to log in to the system and view the resourcing situation but does not want to be part of the organisation’s resourcing capacity.

The admins can set someone as stealth in the admin section (admin -> users -> edit) or in the person's dashboard. More info here.


External is used for subcontractors and other people who are not part of the organisation as employees. This information can be used when filtering people and calculating some of the project costs for example.

Future Talent

Future Talent is another descriptive attribute for a resource. This tag is used when a recruitment decision has been made and there is a need to make resource allocations for the prospect employee. With Future Talent, it is possible to better manage future capacity and make resource allocations before the new employee has arrived. After recruitment and onboarding, the Future Talent should be changed to another attribute (Own, External or Stealth) in Silverbucket.

When creating a user as 'Future talent' the username, first name and last name are automatically generated as you toggle the slider. Remember to change these accordingly as your talent starts working!

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