Managing Competencies on Person's Dashboard

Single person's competencies and competency target levels can be adjusted on Person's Dashboard. At the bottom of the dashboard you have a section called 'Competencies' (make sure you have it enabled!)

From the top-right corner make sure you have 'Competencies' slider toggled ON


The competency view has an intuitive UI which allows you to see and edit person's competencies with just a few single clicks.

Competency section color-coded and explained below

Free text search (teal) allows you to search for a specific competency in this view

Category name and category's competencies (yellow). Every category and competency are listed in the left. You can collapse and expand these categories as you wish.

Show only evaluated competencies (orange) shows only the evaluated competencies for that person. If the view looks narrow make sure this isn't enabled.

Navigation buttons (red) are shown if there are more than 5 competencies in the current category being viewed. By clicking on the '+5' you get 5 more rows; the '32' in this case would show all the competencies in the category, equalling to 37. After you expand the view you can also narrow it down by using the same navigation buttons.

Current competencies (blue) lists the person's current competencies.

Target level competencies (green) shows the person's desired competency levels. These can be used to track personnel' skill growth and make sure their competency goals are met in the future. You can decide whether or not target levels are used in your environment from the admin view under 'System settings'.

Quick Edit functions (black&yellow) allow you to mass edit current competency category's competency levels or target levels for the person at once. In the example screenshot below we are adjusting all the 'Area of specialization skills' current levels to '4':

Every category has their own 'Quick edit ..' button - make sure you select the correct category!
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