Allocation Accuracy

Allocation accuracy by organization nodes / by person / by projects

This report gives you a color-coded look on allocations based on your preferred choice (organization node, person, projects).

The chosen view mode and allocation units (top-right corner) are taken into account
Allocation accuracy -report color codes depending on resourced hours & actual hours

When using the "Days" option under 'Allocation units' the calculations are always based on the system default workday length (usually 7,5 or 8,0 hours)

The color-coding in the report is based on three values in any particular slot:

- Actual hours
- Allocated hours
- Maximum hours of the corresponding slot

Equation and color-coding for these values:

(Allocations - Actuals) / Maximum hours of corresponding slot * 100%
= value to compare for the color (negative values are handled as positive values)

Corresponding color for the value from the equation:
(Allocations - Actuals) / Maximum Hours
< 10 %
10 - 20 %
20 - 40 %
Light Red
> 40 %
Dark Red

Allocation Accuracy by Projects

When viewing the report by Projects the project's unassigned roles are also reported and exported.

Unassigned roles are summed together and shown here
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