API / Silverbucket Customer API

Silverbucket data flows can be automated by using Silverbucket's Customer API. To be able to use the API you will need Authorization token and your Silverbucket environment's URL.

Current version of the API is 1.0 and it has following endpoints:
Common features for every endpoint such as general structure of the response and possibilities for all filtering options can be found here: Customer APIs common features

Endpoint's URL format:
Example call with cURL:
curl -X GET https://<your_environment_url>/customer-api/1.0/allocations/ -H 'Authorization: Token <token>’
Example response (only two first data objects included):
	"count": 1899,
	"csvUrl": "/customer-api/1.0/allocations/?csv=true",
	"itemsPerPage": 500,
	"excelUrl": "/customer-api/1.0/allocations/?excel=true",
	"next": "https://<your_environment>/customer-api/1.0/allocations/?page=2",
	"current": 1,
	"lastPage": 4,
	"data": [
	        "id": 5,
	        "hours": "4.00",
	        "draft_hours": null,
	        "date": "2019-08-14",
	        "projectrole": 23
	        "id": 6,
	        "hours": "2.00",
	        "draft_hours": null,
	        "date": "2019-08-15",
	        "projectrole": 44
	"previous": null
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