February 05, 2020

Release Notes - March 2020

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Resourcing Conflicts
Finding problematic allocations from the allocation list of people is quite clear. It is easy to spot people that does not have enough work to keep them interested or those that are constantly doing extra work.

Finding problematic projects is not quite that clear and we want to improve that. We introduced a warning sign within those allocation rows that have some sort of resourcing conflict in the future. At this moment it will be overbooking that might not even be visible in the current view so it is even easier to spot those projects that have some upcoming trouble.
Resourcing conflicts article.

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Competency Management
Organisations with thousands of competencies were not able to take full advantage of the competencies view. We have made a multiple tweaks on competencies dashboard to help managing competencies. 
  • Show total counts of competencies beside category name
  • Allow opening and closing all competencies with one click
  • Floating skill level header so you don't need to remember which number means what
  • Tighter layout with 'Tight mode user selection'
  • Prioritize categories to different organization nodes
  • Allow setting current level of specialty and target level of specialty
  • Allow different levels on different competency categories.